10 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Christopher Lentz | December 02, 2013 10:50 AM

Since the dawn of the mouse in computing, keyboard shortcuts have become a lost art. However, these little shorcuts can save you tons of time when working long hours on everything from documents to spreadsheets to code writing. Today, we will cover 10 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for making your life a little easier.

The Bottom Row

1. Ctrl + C - This little gem copies your selection to the clipboard for your use later. No more right-clicking and selecting the Copy option, just use this one to cut the minutes off your project.

2. Ctrl + V - The sister to the Ctrl+C command, this one Pastes your data from the clipboard. For some applications, you can actually past the same clipboard item multiple times. Others however, don't play as nicely.

3. Ctrl + X - A little known shortcut, this little guy is used to Cut your select and place it on the clipboard. Used with the Ctrl+V command, it can be used to move selections from one place to another in less than 2 seconds!

4. Ctrl + Z - Another not commonly known keyboard shortcut, the Ctrl+Z shortcut allows you to Undo your last edit. Depending on the program settings this can be done hundreds of times. The setting is often editable as well within each program. This one is super handy if you work with Photoshop or any other graphics editing or video editing.

5. Ctrl + B - When doing text editing it is sometimes necessary to highlight a selection for effect, this shortcut does just that by making the selection Bold. Hit it again to remove the Bold. Go ahead, give it a try you know you want to!

The Middle Row

6. Ctrl + A - Ever needed to select an entire document? There is an end to the madness of clicking at the top, scrolling to the bottom, and finally clicking the end. Now, just use this simple keyboard shortcut to Select All in less than 1 second. Now that is fast!

7. Ctrl + S - Though this one is known by some, it is still overlooked. Saving your documents has never been easier.

8. Ctrl + F - Wading through a document to find a certain word or phrase can be an exhausting search. Why not cut down the time? Now you can with this great shortcut to Find any word or phrase you want.

The Top Row

9. Ctrl + I - Sometimes we need a bit of elegance in our work, this keyboard shortcut allows us to add Italics to our selection. Voila! Elegance has been acheived in no time.

10. Ctrl + P - After you have finished your masterpiece of a document, it usually needs to be put to actual paper. Simplify the task of Printing with this handy shortcut and skip the Menu!

There a many other keyboard shortcuts out there, some of which vary by program. If you are tired of using the mouse and want to speed up your work, give keyboard shortcuts a try. They may take a bit of memorization at first but once you use them regularly they will come with ease. Good luck and happy editing!


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