3 Must Have Items for Your Technology Budget

Christopher Lentz | December 22, 2014 08:00 AM

Each year business executives around the world take great care to devise a budget that will help or hinder their business over the next 12 months. This year however, we will take some of the blind buying and guess work out of the process for you.


Even if you are a small business with only a few servers, moving into the world of virtualization is a great way to prepare for future growth. If you have a lot of remote users, switching to virtual desktops can be a major savings over the terminal server alternative. Purchasing a strong physical server can allow major growth for years to come, meaning a fascinatingly large ROI. Another great benefit of virtualization comes in the realm of operating system licensing, most Microsoft Server licenses allow the use of a single license for multiple virtual servers, cutting another large cost in an already tight IT budget.


A powerful network can mean the difference between highly productive and efficient work and complaining, waiting, and a pit of money ripe for burning. If your network still consists of hubs and 10 megabit switches, it is time to step up to Gigabit switches throughout your network. Faster switches mean that your team can share and collaborate more effectively, resulting in more responsive customer service and better reviews. If you go with our first recommendation for server virtualization, we also highly recommend utilization of 10 Gigabit fiber switches to help increase disk effectiveness and response for all your high activity applications.

Solid State Drives

In the business world desktop computers have a very short life, usually about 3 years. Solid state drives (SSD Drives) can help renew even a 3 year old desktop for another couple of years. Adding the SSD to powerful new desktops can greatly increase productivity time for your busiest users. Solid state hard drives are an absolutely necessity for your laptops; think of all the times one of your users killed a laptop by dropping it while it was on. SSD drives are not prone to impact issues like their older mechanical versions, making them ideal for the laptops in your business.

We believe these three items can truly elevate your business. There are so many more items on our list and we can help you determine what else is best for your business. Give us a call today and let one of our engineers help you create a solid budget for your next year of growth.


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