3 Tech Upgrades You Should Do Right Now

Christopher Lentz | November 08, 2013 04:23 PM

The technology world is known for moving quickly. In fact, I remember people joking that the moment you purchase a new computer it is already outdated. Some of the major manufacturers have even sped up their development cycles. All this speed means that the technology we use on a day-to-day basis is old the moment it is in our hands. Here, we are presenting you with three tech upgrades you should perform right now to stay as close to the curve as possible.

Your Desktop and/or Laptop

Though the tablet and mobile device have become quite popular the past few years, the desktop and laptop are still king in the business world. This might have something to do with business owners sticking to what they know, lack of trust in new technology, or just a lack of knowledge about the products. Whatever the case though, keeping your desktop or laptop up to speed is vital for your daily business operations. If you have a Managed IT Service provider, they are likely tracking the performance of your desktop/laptop. If they are staying on top of things, they should be able to give you three months notice for replacing your old hardware. When you do finally upgrade, it's best to get the best system you can for your budget. This will help you extend the use of your purchases beyond the typical 5 year life-cycle of most hardware. 

Your Operating System

Each day new vulnerabilities are discovered on every operating system made, and yes this does include Mac! For a manufacturer this usually means frequent security and driver updates to fill in the holes of those systems. At some point though, the manufacturer has to decide that enough is enough and development for a whole new OS is undertaken. Today, Mac has the new Mavericks release for their operating system. Apple was smart this time around and has offered the upgrade for this operating system for FREE from the Apple Store. Windows latest release, Windows 8.1, has made some movement back toward its old Windows 7 layout by putting the Start button back on the task bar as well as several other feature updates. 

Your Most Used Software

If you are a business that relies on just an office suite like Microsoft Office then keeping up shouldn't be too difficult. However, some users are not prevy to the new layout in Office 2013. A little IT training can go a long way and for a couple hundred dollars you can buy a disc for the company to use for all its users. 

For manufacturing businesses, your most used software is likely an ERP system of some sort and sales teams rely on a CRM to run their side of the company. No matter what your business needs are, keeping your most used software up to date is the best money your business can spend. 

If you or your business are in need of advice on what upgrades you need right now, give us a call and let our Managed IT Services team bring you up to speed!


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