3 Ways to Motivate Your Team on Monday

Christopher Lentz | December 31, 1969 04:00 AM

It's 8 a.m. and you arrive to your office to see your staff slouched in their chairs, eyes half open, and nearing a nap. What can you do to get your team going on those rough Monday mornings. Here are a few tips from around the web:


Nothing gets the body going like waking up the brain. Try to have your team meetings first thing on Monday morning and to give the incentive for people to be on time, and to up the stakes, include fun prizes that include merchandise from your own catalogs. Turn it into a game and award the prizes to the team that comes up with the best ideas. The key is to get the brain thinking and for everyone to have fun!


Most of us rely on coffee to get us up in the morning but to truly get the body going it needs natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Order an Edible Arrangements for each Monday so that your team knows it is going to be there! They are delicious and they are pretty darn healthy too. Skip the donuts though, these may perk your staff up temporarily but a couple hours later they are going to crash and crash hard!


It has been said that exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to get the body going and flowing. Whether you do a short jog, lift some weights, or just ride a bike into work these can all help increase blood flow, which results in a sharper mind. In order to make it a team effort, turn it into a contest with prizes. People love a good friendly competition.

There are so many things you can do to get motivated on a Monday, these are just a few we like to try! Good luck and have a wonderful Monday!


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