5 Ways Managed Service Providers Save You Money

Christopher Lentz | October 30, 2014 09:05 AM

Managed IT Service is nothing new to the business world. However, it has been evolving and getting better with the support of many of the vendors whose products are used everyday in the business world. Companies like Dell, VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft depend on the business that its channel provides to it. Because of this Managed Service Providers can leverage their better pricing and better knowledge to get things done on time and below retail. Here are 5 great ways that switching to a Managed IT Support provider can save you lots of cash.

1. Lower Pricing

The truth is that every business must buy equipment and software to successfully run their day to day operations. MSPs are able to leverage things like Microsoft's Volume Licensing program or Cisco and VMware's Partner discount programs to give their customers a very competitive price. Add to that their ability to buy in much larger bulk can save a few dollars as well. 

2. Certified In Their Field

This does not apply to all Managed Service Providers but most require that their technical staff maintain up to date technical certifications in their area of expertise. Though this does not translate directly to more cash in the bank, it does relate to how many hours they have to use to get things done correctly or to resolve a complex issue. These shorter times result in more productivity for you and your workers and less time spent fixing issues.

3. They Know Someone

Chances are that most MSPs do not have a staff member for every single function of IT. Most will likely have a Windows engineer, a network engineer, and several desktop technicians. If the managed services firm is large enough they may even have a virtualization architect or engineer. However, if they do not have someone on their staff, chances are that they have access to someone in that area through their network of other Managed Service Providers. Most of them hold very tight knit relationships with other firms around the country. A phone call is all it takes to get the right person for your issue. They usually get this work at a reasonable rate which saves you the time and effort of trying to find the specialist on your own, thus keeping more money in your purse.

4. Better Maintenance

Most Managed Service companies charge their customers monthly on a per machine or per user basis. Built into that price is the work to constantly maintain, update, and service the desktops, laptops, servers, and network equipment you have in your business. By doing a more consistent job of maintaining these devices, the MSP can actually increase their lifespan. In the business world most computers are good for about 3 years but with an MSP on your side you can easily get 5 or more years from your desktops and laptops. 

5. Deep Knowledge Base

As a result of having a diverse staff of engineers, technicians, and administrators the Managed Service Provider has the ability to acquire a large knowledge base to help them solve issues more quickly. The best firms use a system that tracks and stores all the steps that were taken to resolve thousands of issues across all of their clients. This means that issues can resolved very quickly when they have a previous case to use as an outline. Just one more great reason that choosing a Managed Service Provider is the way to go.

If you are still using that second cousin or a friend of a friend who happens to know a few things about computers, it is about time you gave your business the support and service it deserves. Switch to a Managed Service Provider and see what a difference it will make in your daily operations and spending.


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