Backing Up In the Cloud

Christopher Lentz | February 16, 2014 08:25 PM

The cloud has been one of the most widely discussed topics the past few years among business circles. However, very few have discussed backing up their data to the cloud. Cloud adoption in general has been slow due to security and cost worries. Though most of those concerns are unwarranted, let's dive into a cloud backup system and how it applies to the small and medium sized businesses.

The Small Business

A lot of small businesses have trouble seeing the value in a proper backup system, especially those who are operating without a domain environment. The main reason is that they have not properly valued their customer data, or the value of lost reputation when their clients learn of a security breach or a data loss. The truth is that most small business owners skip over one of the most important aspects of their business, the security of their data. For small businesses, data backup can be very cost effective when it is planned and set up properly. Planning what data will be backed up is the key for keeping backup needs to a limited size. This will help keep costs low and backup sizes to a minimum.

The Medium Business

Medium sized businesses tend to have a few more luxuries than their smaller counterparts, things like Active Directory, a file server or network attached storage, and centralized data stores. While these luxuries make backup selection much easier, it usually means a whole lot more data in terms of size. This can mean more cost, unless again you have a good plan for data that is key for backup. The advantage for medium businesses is that there are much faster, more secure, and more reliable cloud backup services at this level.

Moving to the Cloud

The days of the tape backup are long gone, and if you are still using tapes you risk losing data to tape and tape drive malfunctions. Going to the cloud for your backups are secure, regulations won't allow anything less than that at this point. Data security is one of the highest priorities for most businesses with valuable data but most cloud backup services offer a minimum of 128 bit encryption for their services. This encryption is tough to be and would take plenty of time to breach, and by that time the phase 2 encryption key would have changed. 

No matter the size of your business, moving your backups to the cloud just makes perfect sense. The ability to spin up virtual machines and keep you business going is one of the greatest advantages in the world of Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery. Let our team of engineers help you create a backup and disaster recovery plan that fits your business.


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