Desktop Virtualization Is Changing BYOD

Christopher Lentz | December 09, 2013 08:00 AM

Bring your own device, more commonly known as BYOD, is picking up speed in the business world. As a result, virtualization manufacturers like Citrix and VMware are developing better platforms to assist the BYOD folks as well as the remote users. How much can desktop virtualization save you in the long run? How difficult is it to set up? These are common questions that have equally common answers, but let us dive further into desktop virtualization, the platforms available to implement it, and why your business might benefit from putting it in place.

A Bit About Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization, sometimes called VDI, is simply a desktop operating system installed on a virtual machine that is hosted on a server. For example, Mac users are likely familiar with a piece of software called Bootcamp that allows them to run Windows on their Mac simultaneously. Bootcamp is a simple form of desktop virtualization. It allows an operating system to run on various types of hardware from desktops and laptops up to complex server clusters.

VMWare or Citrix: Take Your Pick

When it comes to desktop virtualization there are a limited number of vendors. It is not that it is extremely complex but rather that it is somewhat of a specialized need case. However, VMware and Citrix are among the most popular and most advanced suites for creating a VDI deployment. Each platform has its own benefits based on your current infrastructure as well as your future infrastructure. Deciding between the two should involve speaking with a virtualization expert to best assess your needs.

How VDI Can Transform Your Business

The virtual desktop can be quite a versatile tool in just about any company. One of the most popular uses is for remote workers. VDI allows them to leverage more processing power and other resources from anywhere, not to mention that they have access to the files they need as if they were sitting in your office taking up cubicle space! Another great use is for thin-client use in warehouses and large manufacturing facilities. Physicall desktops in these dusty and dirty environments can really take their toll. This means more frequent replacement unless you are running thin-clients with a virtual desktop infrastructure. VDI can really save your business a lot of money if planned and implemented properly by certified VMware or Citrix experts.

If you are tired of replacing desktops or want to give your users more power and flexibility in their computing, then perhaps it is time to talk to one of our virtualization experts to help plan your deployment!

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