Free Apps Account for Mobile Battery Loss

Christopher Lentz | January 16, 2014 10:51 AM

When you first purchase a new cell phone it comes with a slue of applications pre-installed on the device. This is all fine, since most of us like to use some of those apps. However, these may not be the cause of your dreaded, draining battery situations. The truth is that most of your battery loss is likely caused by the FREE applications running on your devices. 

The Top 5 Contributors

It is likely no surprise that the top apps for battery loss included the most popular Social Media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Their feeds are constantly running in the background even when you don't have the application open on the screen. This is referred to as "pushing" in the mobile device realm. Skype is another application that tends to drain your battery. It is in a constant connection state with he servers at Skype, so this helps to reduce your battery life even further.

Why Free Apps Are Huge Contributors

The free applications or games that we download to our devices often come with rotating advertisements. These ads are not built into the application but instead are updated through a constant connection to that apps services. This constant connection can lead to heavy battery life degradation. Essentially any application that has a feature that is always on will drain your precious battery.

How to Lower Battery Usage

Most applications, outside of the free apps with ads, have some option to reduce how often it updates feeds, syncs with the servers or the cloud, or some other option. The best approach is to go into each application, open its settings dialog, and search for any options that relate to pushing or syncing. These will often be the keys to a longer battery life and enhanced peace within your digital world.


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