How SMART Enabled Drives Can Save Your Data

Christopher Lentz | April 08, 2015 08:00 AM

S.M.A.R.T, otherwise know as Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, was developed to help detect and report on key indicators of HDD and SSD drive reliability. The great advantage of this is to be able to have an accurate knowledge of when a drive might be failing. This allows you to backup any data on the drive and replace it before complete data loss occurs.

While 60% of all drive failures occur as a result of mechanical failure, usually with the control arm, Google determined that just a single error on a drive meant that it was 39 times more likely to actually fail catastrophically. So having the foresight to be able to predict when drives will fail can help a business tremendously when they rely on large amounts of data on their servers.

Once you have the SMART application installed or once you have your SNMP monitoring set to look for these types of errors, take quick action to replace the drive(s). One of the greatest reasons for being timely about replacement is that, when one drive fails the other drives have to work hard to present the data being requested from the system itself and remote clients requesting the data. This wears the remaining drives faster resulting in a higher failure rate as well.

If you want to keep a closer eye on your SMART capable drives, give us a call today so you can get the help and expertise you need to quickly eliminate this issue from your server network.


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