How Virtualization Can Save Money and the Planet

Christopher Lentz | September 18, 2013 04:50 PM

Virtualization has been all over the tech news for some time now. The thing is that most business owners don't know what it really does for them. It's seen by most CFO and CEO types as just another financial burden from the IT department. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

The reality is that virtualization can help a company save a tremendous amount of money. Despite its sometimes costly implementation, virtualization is actually very affordable when done properly by a skilled and certified technical team. Let's take a look at a few ways virtualization can save your business a few more Benjamin Franklins this year.


One of the greatest advantages, from a financial standpoint, is its ability to reduce the energy footprint required to maintain key infrastructure and systems. Let's say you have 10 servers​, each of which is using dual 460W power supplies for redundancy, running every day for 30 days straight. Those 10 servers would use 9936 kWh, which at California's most recent prices ($0.228/kWh) would be around $1509.00/month. If you were to virtualize those servers into just three physical servers, the cost cuts down to just $ 452.70/month. That's one third of the price of the original 10 servers. Over a years time, you are looking at $12,675.60 of savings!


Since most virtualization platforms allow you to build server clusters, or groups of similar servers, they can actually failover virtual machines during necessary hardware maintenance. This means that your mission critical servers and applications can remain up and running, allowing your staff to continue working. This increase in productivity will increase your revenue over time.


Maintaining fewer servers means less hardware costs in the event of a failure. It also means your technical team will spend less time managing hardware and more time taking care of your employees other pressing issues. This too increases the overall productivity of both your technical and non-technical staff. Let's face it, the more your staff is working, the more money you are making and the more time they can spend handling your customers.

In the end, business is all about customers and clients. They make our world go round and we need to be able to

serve them whenever they need it. Virtualization helps us do just that while also helping save this big rock we call Earth. If you haven't already considered virtualization, give us a call at 408-844-4808 and we can give you all the information you need to make an educated decision today! If you have considered virtualization and are just looking to get a project started, you can feel free to call us to.


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