How a Backup Can Save Your Business

Christopher Lentz | November 11, 2013 11:59 PM

As a business owner you have likely heard the term "backup" at one time or another. You may or may not have known what it was though, and more importantly how it could affect your business. In today's article we will address just those things; what a backup is and how it can save, or break, your business. 

What Is A Backup

Simply put, a backup is a copy of data from a machine that can be restored to that machine in the event that the original data becomes corrupt. The early times of backups typically involved some type of tape system, either on reels or in cassette form. The first of those was released by Remington Rand in 1951. However, in today's managed IT services world, the backup can come in many different forms with various levels of cost. Among the most popular is the Cloud Backup solution. This allows a machine to be copied to an offsite location in case a disaster renders the original site useless. The great advantage to the Cloud Backup solution is that most solutions providers can also turn on a virtual instance of that backup so that you can get back to work immediately. For those businesses that have more strict guidelines on their backup solutions, there are Hard Disk Backup and Peer Backup solutions. These both allow all backups to stay on premise. 

How Your Business Banks on Backups

As a Managed IT Services provider, our utmost concern with clients is their backup solution and its constant proper functioning. The reason is simple, a backup can literally make or break your business. Symantec posted in their latest report that 40% of businesses who suffer a major data loss due to a disaster never open their doors to the public again. That is a staggering number but a reality for any business who has experienced such a data loss. Imagine if your business office suffered a horrendous fire and everything was burned to a crisp. Would you be confident with your current backup solution? When was the last time you tested it? If you answered "No" and "I have no idea", it's time to look into them...yesterday! I've seen the chaos that occurs when a crucial backup has not been properly tested and then suddenly it is needed to replace critical files that were deleted by a careless employee. If the loss of your data would cost you more than a days worth of labor, I can't stress enough the importance of regular checks of your backup solution.

If you are worried about your backup solution and would like our certified managed IT service technicians to test and update your backup solution, give us a call today!


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