How to Use Google Search More Effectively

Tanya-Chernenkaya | April 23, 2014 04:28 PM

Hello Readers! Remember the good old days when we needed some information? We would go to a library, pull out that dusty encyclopedia sitting on the shelf, and flip through the pages looking for that paragraph or chapter that we needed. Those times are long gone. Now Google knows everything! It's always at our fingertips but we often misuse it, or fail to use it to the full potential. Google, like that old dusty encyclopedia, offers countless numbers of pages to look through. So today we are going to talk about some helpful tip for getting the most out of your Google search to optimize your queries to pull up only the needed information, instead of floating in the bottomless pit of web.


This tool allows you to search pages only within one site. 

Example (The search will be done only within web site )


~ (tilde)

Put tilde sign in from of a word and Google will also search for all its synonyms and related words.

Example ~security (the search will give you anything related to security within web site.)


" " (quotation mark)

Allows Google to search for the exact word or phrase, not each of the words separately.

Example   "virtual desktops"

The search will return only virtual desktops related pages, avoiding unnecessary pages of people selling desktops on Craigslist, for instance.



Allows Google to search only for the specific file type.

Example filetype:pdf tax form (The search results will only give you tax form related documents in PDF format)



Looks for a specific word or phrase in the title of the documents

Example  filetype:pdf BMW 325i intitle:Manual


Let’s face it, we rarely scroll further than the third page of results on Google. These are just the basics to help you find the things you need without wasting valuable time. Until next time, Happy Googling!


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