Is Office 2013 Right For Your Business

Christopher Lentz | November 18, 2013 01:53 PM

Over the years Microsoft has been the stand-out leader in the world of the office suite. Today, even in the thick of the cloud craze, they are still creating the most user-friendly and featured packed office software on the market. The Office 2013 launch met a lot of criticism and skepticism among technology administrators, some of it was warranted...some of it is not. The real question is if Microsoft's latest Office is the best choice for your business.

What's New in Office 2013

Among the many feature additions, one that stands out is the ability to sync your documents and access them from anywhere using your Microsoft account (Live, Hotmail, etc.) and SkyDrive, another great addition to the Microsoft family of innovative software. This also allows you to have your settings anywhere, handy if you like your layout to be customized to your liking. Microsoft has also beefed up their Getting Started options for the entire line: Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, and more. You will also notice that the Save As functionality has changed quite a bit allowing for the SkyDrive addition as well as other handy save options for any situation. Finally, users might notice a big change in the look of Microsoft Office 2013.

Is It Right For Your Business

Though there are some pretty substantial graphical changes to Office, the majority of changes are in the architecture of the software. It is a lighter, faster, and better functioning version of the previous suite. This means that the learning curve for you and your staff will be fairly low. As if that is not enough to convince you, there is also the ability to work on documents as a team from the Team tab. Now your team can truly work as a team and increase productivity. If your staff has been using Office for most of their careers, moving to Office 2013 should be an easy transition. However, if you have a lot of users that are new to Office it might be better to stick with what they already know.

So what about cost, right? Getting into Office 2013 starts around $200/user for the basics like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and One Note. If you need Publisher or Access, be prepared to spend about $400/user. However, if you are buying at least 5 user licenses Microsoft highly recommends a Volume Licensing Agreement to save you money. It is not a cheap move, but from a business standpoint its advantages can far outweigh the costs.

Making the Move to Office 2013

Try to imagine your job without using Office, what would that look like for you? Do you see yourself jotting down chicken-scratch notes on whatever piece of paper you can find, losing Post-It notes and memos? The reality is that today, we can't survive without Office even if you are running a Mac environment. Facing the inevitable is often difficult but at some point you will migrate to the next best thing. Why not do it now and take advantage of one of the best Microsoft products released in the past decade. Your Managed IT Service provider should be able to help you plan, test, train and deploy Office 2013 to your network in as little as a few months.

Take the leap and save yourself the trouble of dealing with outdated software and it's corresponding issues. Our team of Microsoft Certified Engineers can help you get your new Office deployment started today, give us a call.


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