Last Minute Gifts Even a Techie Can Appreciate

Christopher Lentz | December 23, 2013 10:51 PM

We all lead very busy lives these days, it's the hustle and bustle of the new American way. As a result you might not have remember all the techies on your shopping list this year. Have no fear, we have 5 great gift ideas that can fulfill the heart of techies and techniphobes alike.

Amazon Gift Cards

These are great for the technophile and the technophobe because your recipient can buy what they really want and not have to worry about getting that rediculous sweater you were thinking to get them. Everything from books, to movies, and so much more can be purchased with one of these babies!

Technical Training Subscriptions

Staying ahead of the game is critical in today's ever changing IT world. That means getting up to date certifications and knowledge can lead to higher pay and better understanding of the tools and products you use every day. Even if you just use Excel and Word, there are plenty of great tips and tricks you can learn to sharpen your chops with these great programs. Check out subscriptions like Pluralsight, CBT Nuggets, and Total Training who offer some of the highest quality instructors and tuturials in the business.

Mobile/Tablet Screen Protection

We all love our mobile devices and tablets, they are portable, powerful, and cool. So why not protect them and keep them looking new with some little remembered accessories like screen protectors. They come in several flavors including clear, anti-glare, and even a privacy version that keeps nearby onlookers from checking out your browsing habits or reading your private emails.

Flash/Portable Hard Drives

Flash drives are quite handy no matter what line of work or play you are in. Nowadays they come in many sizes from 1 GB up to 64 GB and beyond. If your gift recipient does audio or video, it is best to go with the larger sizes since these files tend to be larger in size. These are a great gift or stocking stuffer because they are pocket-sized and very useful for just about everyone.

Video Games

Not all tech geeks love Dungeons and Dragons, but you can bet that most of them do have a favorite online multi-player video game. Whether your recipient loves the military action flick or the strategy simulation, video game purchases are easy. Most video game developers offer the ability to purchase Download Codes directly from their website, meaning you can buy the gift at 11:59 on Christmas Eve and still get it to your recipient for the big day. 

Buying your gifts late doesn't have to be hard, but knowing what is easy to get that is both valuable and effective can lift the weight off the already stress filled Holiday Season. We wish you and yours the very best this Holiday Season and hope you have a wonderful New Year.


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