Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with VMware Hypervisor

Christopher Lentz | July 17, 2014 01:10 PM

VMware has long been the leader in virtualization software around the globe so it should be no surprise that they would want to intice companies to use their products. In comes VMware Hypervisor, a free...that's right I said FREE, hypervisor product with all the same features as the paid counterpart. We have reviewed the product for you and here you can find the details and information you need to make an informed decision about your business needs and goals.

Why It Is Free

The VMware Hypervisor is a way for VMware to allow its customer base to try out their product, vritualize their environments, and at some point think about upgrading to a paid version of their product suites. This is pretty brilliant marketing if you ask me. What better way to attract your customers than to give them something for free knowing that they will love it and want to extend its capabilities. What makes VMware Hypervisor free is that it is missing the big brain behind the paid versions know as VMware vCenter Server. The vCenter Server allows you to do things like vMotion, Distributed vSwitches, and a ton of other critical features in a server environment.

From Physical to Virtual

VMware Hypervisor allows companies to migrate their old run down physical servers to 1 or more of their strongest physical servers to better utilize the resources (CPU, Memory, and Disks), reduce power consumption, and reduce cooling costs. For instance, maybe you have 6 physical machines in your server room each of them with dual power supplies and pumping out loads of hot air into your server room. This can mean a tremendous load on your cooling system to maintain a healthy temperature for your servers. This can also really put a dent in your power costs too, consuming 6 servers worth of power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That can really add up quickly! If you are like me, your calculator has been getting a beating for the past 5 minutes...and I am sure your brain has too! Now, let's say you have two very powerful servers that are only using about 25% of their total resources. If you back those up, convert them to VMware Hypervisor host servers and migrate your other physical servers to virtual machines on them, you can reduce your power and cooling costs up to 66% and better utilize the resources those physical machines contain.

If you have wanted to try out virtualization and just didn't know where to start, this is the place and this is the time. Reduce your costs associated with your servers and move into the new revolution of computing known as virtualization. You won't be sorry and your pocket book will really appreciate it too. Until next time, remember to give us a call if you want to explore the power and flexibility of VMware virtualization products.


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