Stop Swapping Out Backup Drives

Christopher Lentz | May 12, 2014 12:18 PM

After the backup tape went out of style most small businesses switched to swapping out backup hard drives for their offsite backups. Now the cloud is here and the backup drive is quickly on the way out.

Why Switch to the Cloud

Every systems administrator and everyone ever put in charge of swapping out backup drives has at one point or another forgotten to swap out said drives. When you move your offsite backups into the cloud, you no longer have to worry about remembering this mundane task. The cloud is redundant by nature, meaning that the likelihood of data loss or corruption is greatly reduced.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Most business-class cloud backup services also offer some form of disaster recovery options. This means you can launch a virtual instance of your device to enable your business to keep working even in the event of a disaster or critical data loss. DR allows you to get back up in as little as a few minutes, a vast improvement from the hours needed to recover from a traditional backup.

Picking the Right Service

There are many choices on the market for great cloud backup and disaster recovery. Making that choice requires an assessment of how much space you will need and how quickly your backups will grow. Another important factor to consider is the frequency you want to back up your data. Having these key details can make the decision process much smoother for you and your business.


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