Tech Vendors Give Their Certifications A Refresh

Christopher Lentz | December 04, 2013 03:27 PM

For those of us who have missed it, technology has been growing at a staggering pace over the past decade. Leaps and bounds don't even begin to describe it properly. For technology vendors, this means keeping their certifications up to date with the changing technological advances.

CompTIA Starts the Cycle

Back in 2012, certification authority CompTIA updated its most popular exam, the A+ certification. This exam ensure that the candidate has a deep working knowledge of server and desktop hardware, basic networking, and basic security practices. Since most of this technology has drastically changed, it was long overdue for an update to their core exam. 

Cisco Follows Suit

In September , networking giant Cisco made a change to its most popular exam, the CCNA. This change was quite expansive, but long overdue. Upgrades to the exam include topics like  IOS v 15, IPv6, and a major overhaul to the 802.1 wireless/WiFi sections of the exam. A Cisco certification is one of the most saught after in the industry so it is no surprise that Cisco wanted to update it. Now, Cisco certified engineers will have a more up to date knowledge of the networking world. 

Microsoft Makes Another Change

Microsoft wasn't left out in this upgrade craze. In fact, Microsoft is known to update its exams more frequently than any other authority out there. With each new software release of their operating system, Office suite, or other server software they must update their certifications. This time though, there was a major adjustment to the structure of their certifications. This change in structure will remove the MCITP, add an MSA, and finally it will adjust the MCSA and MCSE exams to coincide with the new releases. The MCSA and MCSE have long been the flahsip certifications for anyone working with Microsoft products, things are no different now...just a bit more difficult. However, that ensures that engineers that hold these certifications have the deep knowledge required to solve isses the first time and with best practices in mind.

As a small business, it is easy to believe you are saving money by choosing a consultant that does not have certifications. However, certified engineers can typically resolve issues faster, not to mention the fact that best-practices will be used which can save you from hassles further down the road of time. If you are working with a consultant, chances are that you are already spending more than you need to. Managed IT Services are the way to truly be proactive with your network and systems. At Enforma IT, we only employ engineers with up-to-date, valid certifications in Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and more. Don't leave your IT up to anyone, trust the experts!


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