The Geek Squad Is Not IT Support

Christopher Lentz | April 05, 2014 04:58 PM

Big commercial brands are everywhere and in the technology world they are bigger than ever. However, some of these brands can make people feel safe with their high-powered marketing techniques to sell businesses and individuals systems and services they don't really need or understand. Best Buy has their Geek Squad, Fry's has their own version of the same but the truth is that while these services are great at performing basic services like virus removal and simple software setups, they are not equiped to perform the tasks and resolutions involved in business networks and systems.

Skip Geek Squad for Real Issues

I have heard both good and bad stories about the big name computer repair services, everything from "They fixed it in a few hours" to "They wiped my entire drive and couldn't get anything back!" In a business environment, the last statement would surely mean financial and possibly even legal ramifications.  Imagine if you lost ALL of your customer information including their names, addresses, or even their credit card info. How do you think your clients would feel about maintaining business with you in the future if they knew this? How much revenue do you think you would lose if that client left you? The answers are likely, "very upset" and "Thousands". It is important to hire services that have your business interests in mind, people who understand that data loss would be unacceptable.

What About IT Consultants?

IT Consultants are a step up from the Geek Squad variety, yet they tend to cost more for a lot less service. The major reason for this is the model that they use to service customers. Most IT consulting firms follow an hourly billing model. This tends to lead them to never being fully motiviated to resolve the issue and its root cause. They may resolve the low-level issue but may never even discover what is actually causing that issue on a deeper level. Why would they? They are making plenty of money by not fixing it completely and billing you for the time. 

Managed IT Means Less Cost

Managed service providers bring many advantages to the table when it comes to serving businesses. The model they follow tries to be as lean and efficient as possible to keep their costs and prices low. This efficiency means that they work toward finding root cause in issues so they spend less time doing repairs. They also monitor systems 24 x 7 x 365 so that they can spot issue trends and attack them before they turn into real problems. This means less time is spent maintaining systems, systems last longer because of better care, and more importantly less costs to business owners. Think about it this way, when you eat healthier foods, exercise regularly, and get enough rest you live longer. The same applies to computer and network systems, the better they are cared for the longer they last. 

Stop putting your business and systems at risk, give us a call today and begin moving your business technology needs to a proactive and preventative managed IT services provider.


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