The Real Difference Between Consulting and Managed IT Services

Christopher Lentz | November 07, 2013 08:00 AM

When I speak with prospects about their business and how we can help them, I often find that there is a major gap when it comes to business owners knowing the difference between IT Consulting and Managed IT Services. Most of them think they are one in the same and don't see the real value in taking advantage of a Managed Services contract. So, I am here today to present you with the actual differences between IT Consulting and true Managed IT Service providers.

What Is An IT Consultant

If you search the internet for IT Consultants, mother Google returns over 300 million results. That's not really a surprise because for decades that was the name that non in-house IT technicians went by. They offered desktop support services, server support services, and helpdesk support. This is all well and fine, but it only addresses issues AFTER they happen! In the IT services industry, we refer to this as 'Break-Fix'. While this may get your company back up and running, it is a very reactive way of handling the machines that keep your business running day after day.

What Is A Managed IT Services Provider

With half as many results in a Google search for Managed IT Services, it is clear that this is a newer terminology for the IT realm. The typical Managed IT Services provider offers all the same services as the IT Consultant but with some very attractive extras. The one thing that sets them apart is their proactive approach to servicing their clients. Instead of fixing things after they break, Managed IT Service providers use monitoring and automated issue resolution to see problems coming. This helps them prevent disasters before they occur, which means your business can keep going without interruption. Some of the extras include things like backup monitoring and testing, antivirus monitoring, technology vendor management, and even virtual CIO and CTO services. These services can help your business reduce costs associated with technology, increase your teams productivity, and in some cases it can help save the planet.

Why Choose Managed IT Services

The old ways of IT Consulting are dying fast and Managed IT Services are taking over. There is good reason too. Consistent monitoring and awareness of your business network prevents more issues from popping up and becoming real problems. A great Managed IT Service provider will also provide you with, at the very least, a monthly report of your networks health, issues that were resolved or addressed, and recommendations to consider for the upcoming quarter. So ditch the antiquated IT consultant and make the switch to the proactive Managed IT Services provider.

Call us today to discuss your business and how Managed IT Services can put the pieces together and bring you the peace of mind you have been looking for.


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