Why Cisco UCS Might Be Just What You Need

Christopher Lentz | January 10, 2014 07:47 PM

Every day technology grows by leaps and bounds. This means that each day, millions of businesses from small to large might be getting left in the dust. Everyone in the IT industry sees the changes happening in real time and to be honest, it is sometimes a bit scary how quickly things are moving. So how do you keep up with the ever changing world of technology hardware and software? The Cisco UCS line might just be the answer to your woes, sporting easier and greater upgrade abilities. 

The UCS C Series

Cisco has been known for networking hardware for decades. Recently though they have begun to expand into other markets involving Data Center and Branch office hardware. The UCS C Series is one of its product lines that delivers a unified computing system that can reduce the total cost of ownership while increasing the ability to expand and grow with your business. The 1U C22 M3 rack server is light on the budget yet still powerful enough to host over a dozen virtual machines with its dual eight-core Xeon processors and up to 384 GB of memory. It can also house four large form factor (LFF) or eight small form factor (SFF) SAS/SATA/SSD drives. At a starting price of just under $1500, this machine could change how you run your business and your IT. Its big brother, the C420 M3 takes a huge leap in performance ability with expandability to 4 eight-core Xeon processors, 1.5 TB of memory (Yes, you read that correctly!), up to 16 SFF SAS/SATA/SSD drives, and four 1 GbE network cards. Wow, what a beast!

The UCS B Series

The Cisco UCS B Series are the blade servers of the UCS product line. While these are more useful and attainable by medium and large corporations, being familiar with them is still a good idea. The blades come in full-width or half-width options as well as various levels of performance like their C series counterparts. The UCS B22 M3 is the smallest and is ideal for working in IT infrastructure and Web 2.0 application tasks. The larger and more robust UCS B420 M3 supports the same 4 socket Xeon setup as the C420 but with memory capacity limited to only 512 GB. These can be best utilized to reduce CPU core and software license costs as well as increase performance in memory-intensive workloads.

What About My Branch Offices?

For those of us with smaller Branch offices, you can rest your head knowing that Cisco UCS has you covered there as well with its UCS E Series. The one caveat to the E Series is that the hardware is made to be fitted into the second generation Cisco Integrated Service Routers (ISR G2). The single-wide holds a quad-core Xeon processor, up to 16 GB of memory, and 2 TB of local storage. Its bigger and stronger brother is the double-wide blade that houses a six-core Xeon processor, 48 GB of memory, and 3 TB of local storage.

No matter what your budget is the Cisco UCS line has a lot to offer: reduce power consumption, increased performance, ease of expansion, and so much more. Maybe it's time to get rid of that old clunker you have in your server closet and move to the last piece of hardware you will ever want to own!


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