Why Data Security Is Essential for Small Businesses

Christopher Lentz | September 04, 2013 05:08 PM

Every company no matter the size has data that is essential to their businesses life blood. However, not every business takes the steps necessary to backup and secure that data from accidental or malicious loss. In fact, many small businesses have little to no security or backup methods in place.


Many small businesses do not have a server to store their data. Instead they rely on budget desktops to store their valuable data. Not a good plan. The problem with this is two-fold. One, many desktops purchased by small businesses are low-cost basic setup machines with less than premium quality hardware. When this hardware fails, often in the form of hard drive failure, all data on that machine is lost unless the company is willing to pay large amounts of money to recover data from a failed drive. Two, having data stored on desktops is not good practice as desktops are not usually part of a backup system. This means data that IS lost might be gone for good even after an attempted recovery by a drive recovery professional.

At the very least, a small business should invest in desktop backups with a reputable online backup solution like Carbonite (www.carbonite.com) or Backblaze (www.backblaze.com). If your data needs require larger amounts of space, consider moving your data to the cloud with services like Amazon's S3(aws.amazon.com/s3). The next step up would be to purchase a basic level file server and licenses and store all files in this central location. This server would also be equipped with some form of backup capability, for good measure an off-site backup solution is often best.


Employees are the worst offenders in the world of keeping your company's data safe. In fact, one of the greatest hackers in the world, Kevin Mitnick, used his masterful personal skills to elicit critical information from unsuspecting employees at many companies around the world. The key to mitigating this type of risk is education. A well educated staff can thwart even the most crafty social engineer (a.k.a. Hacker) by understanding that most company information is on a limited knowledge basis. Meaning, of course, that most people do not need to know it.

There are far more threats to the small and medium sized business for this article, but give us a call at 408-844-4808 and let our experts guide you through making your organization as safe as it can be.


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